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Selling/Rent Promote

Selling or rent promote your property does not have to be difficult. In fact, it can be a quite easy and even an exciting adventure. For sure there are many things you can do to make the entire process smoother and more efficient, whilst achieving the best return possible. From assigning the right real estate agent Indonesia your property representative, establishing the best and most accurate value of your property, better preparing your property and sprucing it up, to proper and localised marketing, targeted demographic promotions and sales (closing the sale ).

Personal and exclusive care in selling

SewaApartementBandung.com make the property selling or promote process comfortable and efficient, focussing on highly personalized and exclusive services, together with a balance of traditional, local and modern real estate selling techniques. This approach is essential when dealing with such sensitive investment home affairs and investment in valuable, longer-term assets.

Appoint the right real estate agent to sell your property

Property Distribution Channels


As indicated in the illustration above, selling your property via a real estate agent increases your property’s exposure, reach, and likelihood of selling. Consider the agent’s established sales distribution channels, including:

1. Digital/online channels;

Agent’s own website (credible, strong online presence, useability), social media platforms with existing large following, third party websites, and email contacts, among other. All these channels promote your property on the fastest and most used medium nowadays.

2. Offline marketing & promotions;

In a smaller real estate market such as Bandung, Indonesia, many offline marketing initiatives still work well. Consider banners and billboards, campaigns in publications/magazines/newspapers, office/store-front, events, and especially personal contact/word-of-mouth.

3. Existing & growing database of tenants or buyers to match with sellers;

Our CRM (Customer Relationship Management) database is exhaustive, and continues to grow daily. This means we already have a comprehensive pool of possible clients to match with your property. These possible clients have already approached us seeking to buy property in Bandung, so they are already qualified leads, and in fact, existing SewaApartementBandung.com clients.

4. Industry networks & partners for wider reach of potential buyers across Indonesia & internationally;

Such is the nature of the real estate sector, in Indonesia and globally, that we work closely with other (selected) agents and partners to increase a property’s reach and maximise the possibility of a sale. Consider estate agents in other cities or countries, who have themselves their own client base, or consider legal advocates and accountants, who have clients seeking certain professional services (i.e. citizenships/passports, corporate business services, wealth management), and would also be interested in investing in real estate.
Finding the right agent to sell your property is imperative, as it not only achieves your ultimate goal, but makes the entire transaction process easier. Choose an agent that has both the means (distribution channels) and ability to achieve your goals, as well as the desire and motivation to focus on your needs. There are many factors to consider when selecting which agent to sell your property.


No doubt you will meet with a few in order to evaluate, perhaps based on the following criteria:

Long experience in dealing with property exclusivity – as a sole agent
Thorough display of local market knowledge; in marketing and selling
The right and honest attitude from the very beginning
Professionalism and forward-thinking approach to real estate business
Listening to your concerns and clearly answering your questions
Detailing exactly how to sell your property, including marketing activities, as well as established networks, listings and distribution channels to connect buyer and seller, and
Added-value real estate services and on-going feedback/follow-ups
Property exclusivity in selling really does work for you – the agency pays special attention to your property!

Providing property exclusivity to one agent, at least for the first few months it is on the market is highly recommended and can most times be a competitive advantage to selling your property faster and with greater ease.

Basically, the agent you select is given property exclusivity, therefore is the only one dealing with your sale. This then makes them fully focussed and committed to your property, as they too reap most reward from such an agreement. No doubt, real estate agents always prioritise properties they have exclusivity with, as only they can receive the sale commission. They will do their upmost to sell the property in the given time period and before it is put on the wider market, i.e. with other real estate agents.

Furthermore, having only one agent and one point-of-contact is a lot more personal and direct, making the entire selling process easier to handle logistically.

In any case, real estate agents have themselves a wide network of distribution channels that increase your property’s visibility, so just because it is listed with one agent, does not mean its reach stops here.

SewaApartementBandung.com always understand your requirements and offer initial direction and guidance to selling your property in Bandung, Indonesia. If you’re interested in selling your property in Bandung, Apartment/ Flat or commercial, contact us and arrange a no-obligation and personal appointment. Begin the process of selling your property in Bandung with SewaApartementBandung.