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Renting in SewaApartementBandung is quite easy and straight forward. Essentially there are two main types of rentals: long term and short term/holiday rentals. There are many properties available on the market for both these rental types, with each having their peak season.

As an exclusive apartment agency, we can help you with all apartment rentals.

Renting might seem easy enough to find a place on your own, and normally should be. But dealing via an agent ensures your interest a protected, such as with contract lease terms, and following up on aspects that matter most.

The majority of properties listed on SewaApartementBandung.com are long term rentals, typically for 6 and 12 month contract agreements. This can be extended or arranged for a longer fixed term, which may very well allow you to negotiate a lower price.

There is also a selection of properties for shorter terms rentals, such as a daily, a few weeks or months. These can be a great option for holiday rentals, visiting students, as well as moving between homes or for those who prefer to experience and better understand the area before committing to longer terms rentals or even buying property in Bandung. Indeed, renting in Bandung is an excellent way to first know the destination before buying and relocating. In others words, available only via SewaApartementBandung.