Hooray, it’s our birthday! Anniversary Events SAB (Sewa Apartement Bandung)

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It has been 4 year since we opened our doors. Our guests are coming in from all over the world already enjoy the services of us. SAB team of The Jarrdin to celebrate our fourth birthday and thank you all for your great support, we give away some birthday treats! The Jarrdin team gets a free birthday party and and get our free t-shirt, and while apartment guests are welcome to book a room at a discounted rate.



SAB fourth birthday party
Saturday 7 April 2018, we host our fourth birthday party, a day, evening and night full of festivities. The doors are open day & night, the full programme is completely free of charge and spreads out throughout the entire building. Besides also SAB celebrated its 4th anniversary by conducting employees appreciation party. The event was held to reward all employees for their highly dedicated and loyal towards the company particularly in providing excellent services to apartment guests. This year our company’s anniversary event was all about employees. The fun and simple celebration was held by involving all employess to enliven the event. They excitedly showed their creativity and talent by perform.

Verry as the co-founder SAB company said “The company was established 4 years, for all employees to be proud! We want to say THANK YOU and congratulations! “.



Cihampelas is a crowded street

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Cihampelas is a crowded street in Bandung, amongst the tourists, better known as Jeansstreet . In the past, it was a cheap and therefore, popular place to score some new jeans. Although the prices have been increasing steadily, and a bargain is found better in other places in Bandung these days, Cihampelas is still worth a visit. Not so much because of the enormous amount of clothing that is displayed in abundance at the shops lining the busy street, since unfortunately quality is dubious and it mostly concerns tacky shirts with poorly glued on brand names.

The attraction lies in the huge statues of all-time favourite moviestars that adorn the fronts of the shops. Sylvester Stallone as Rambo, inclusive of bazooka, is lined up next to Spiderman, while on the opposite side of the street Batman invites you to take a look inside the Superhero Factory Outlet. The kitsch glamour that Cihampelas displays is quite a sight, although more in a grotesque way than genuinely attractive.

Cheap is indeed a word that will come to mind, be it not in the moneysaving sense of it. The street itself is very busy, with traffic congestions all day round, and a lot of street vendors, offering to sew your newly-bought jeans for actual fit, as well as other strange paraphernalia such as BB guns, and miniature kung fu fighters. This is all accompanied by the loud music that is supposed to attract customers to the shops.
All in all, the sounds and sights plus the lack of sidewalks make Cihampelas a slightly tiring experience, but nevertheless a spectacle of distaste and kitsch in its purest albeit most dilapidated form. For a more sterile environment head over to the CiWalk, a favourite amongst Bandung’s more wealthy shoppers. It consists of a conglomeration of more up market shops in a European themed atmosphere.

It is called a new concept mall, and in effect, tries to offer another shopping experience by creating a themed setting and added security while deducting traffic and other undesirable elements such as beggars and street vendors. Most worldwide chains and branches such as Starbucks and Dunkin Donuts are represented and some family restaurants with Japanese and Chinese menus.

Both Cihampelas and CiWalk are easily reachable by car, the CiWalk spurs a big secure parking lot. To get there by “angkot” , just take any green minivan that says Cihampelas on the front window and get off at the sight of the superheroes looming large over your head.


Who is Persib Bandung?

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Who is Persib Bandung? so we are going to give you a little information about who they are.

In short, Persib is a top tier club in a weak football league. The reason why most people have never heard of them is because, outside of Indonesia, they have never really done anything.

Persib plays in the Indonesian Super League. The League has only been rated 8th best among Asian professional football leagues by the AFC Champions League and has never had a club win or even be a runner up in the AFC League finals. As has been pointed out in many comments by people who voted for Persib, the team is the only Indonesian club who has reached the semi-finals of the Asian Club Championship, which may be a good arguement for stating that they are the best Indonesian club in history, but all it means in the global perspective is that at best, Persib was only the 4th best club in Asia.

So, Persib is not the best team in Asia, but how would they fare against some of the more traditional powerhouses. After all, maybe the Asian leagues are stronger than most people realize. Well, after browsing the official Persib Bandung website. We were only able to find one mention of a match against one of the great European clubs. In 1994, the season the club made its historic run in the Asian Club Championship, Persib played AC Milan in Jakarta. And what was the result when the supposed best team in the world played the Italians? Persib got beat 8-0. That’s right. The best team in Persib’s 80 year history was annihilated.

So why is Persib ranked #1 on the list of Best Football Clubs in the World? Because, even though it is not a list of Favourite Football Clubs, Clubs With the Best Supporters, or Most Popular Clubs and is instead a list of the BEST Football Clubs, Persib fans are voting with their hearts and not their heads. No rational and reasonably educated person could really think that Persib could hold their own on the international stage. But Persib still keeps getting votes.

And why is it getting so many votes? Because it appears that Persib fans are fanatical about their social networking. The list has 27,000 Facebook mentions and just about every Facebook comment at the bottom of the page is from a Persib fan. There are a ton of Persib fans on this site and they are basically screwing up the results.

So do your part to make things better. We are not going to tell you which club to vote for, but we are going to ask that you vote intelligently and if you have time, make sure you create your own version of the list since that will also affect the rankings. And when you are done, do what we are doing and try to get someone else to do the same. Maybe take a que from the Persib fans and see if you can get some of your Facebook followers to follow suit.